What is connecting-ministries.com?

It is a completely FREE ministry buy a research paper offering resources to connect the Body of Christ worldwide for sharing the Gospel with the most needed.


How did connecting-ministries.com come to exist?

After ministering through christian-translation.com for more than 10 years, the founder and creator of connecting-ministries.com, Mr. Yeral Ogando was abstract subjects inspired by the Spirit to connect worldwide ministries with other countries leaders.

The founder of connecting-ministries.com has accumulated Christian contacts, churches, leaders, ministries for over the past 10 years in many countries through translations. In other words, 90% of the ministries and contact in other countries are leaders (Christian translators) who have worked for years with Mr. Yeral Ogando.


What is the goal of connecting-ministries.com?

The goal is to connect ministries worldwide with one another, so the Gospel may be preached into the end of the world. Matthew 28:16-20. The Great Commission.


How do I know the integrity of the ministries and leaders from connecting-ministries.com?

90% of the ministries and leaders have been working with the founder of connecting-ministries.com for years, thus assuring the integrity of its members.


Why are these services free of charge?

Because we just want to help other ministries reach the nations with our services.


Can I support connecting-ministries.com?

Yes, you can. There are many monthly expenses to keep this ministry rolling and to keep this service free. Please contact us for support opportunities.


How can I collaborate with connecting-ministries.com?

Just create your profile if you are a church, ministry, volunteer or sponsor. If your collaboration is of another sort, please contact us and we will be more than glad to discuss it with you.


Will you add other features to the website?

Yes, we are planning to create more automate features for better performance once we get more funds for the project.


Will you run fund-raising campaigns?

Yes, we will do so in a close future.


Do you accept ideas or suggestions for the website and ministry?

Yes, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


How can I become a staff of connecting-ministries.com?

Just email us your interest and qualifications and how your skills can help this ministry move forward.


I am having problems with the website. Whom do I contact about it?

We are working on a support ticket program, which will be soon ready and operational. At the meantime, please email us with the specific problems or issues you are having with the website.


How can I find out more information on the founder and creator of this ministry?

You can visit http://yeralogando.com , one of his many websites for more information.

It there any way that I can contact you directly without having to submit your contact form.

Yes, there is. You can email us at info@connecting-ministries.com