Christian Ministries Worldwide is connecting Christian Ministries Worldwide.

Think about the Apostle Paul and all the lands he traveled to through walking, horseback riding and sailing. Thousands of years ago he connected his ministry with other Christian ministries in the known world. Just think if he had an international ministry connecting ministries worldwide at his disposal. He could have coordinated people, meetings and dates through them. They would have been able to set up an itinerary for him around the world. What a blessing such an organization would have been for him. This type of organization is available today! 

Our organization fits this exact definition. We are that ministry a new start-up that combines an international ministry connecting ministries worldwide. Our name: and our founder is Yeral Ogando. Yeral is a, visionary for God, who as a heart to connect Christian ministries to other Christian ministries around the world. He has started this ministry that will benefit Christians for years to come. Yeral, is a seasoned minister who has ministered in many countries around the world. Because of his ministry he has been able to establish contacts the world over.

His vision for this ministry is to connect churches, ministries, online ministries and volunteers to other Christian ministries in just about every country in the world. He has set up a staff that will talk with your ministry or you as an individual to link you with other ministries in the country of your choice. This ministry is a ground breaking ministry in the Kingdom of God. We know of no other ministries that will connect ministries to other ministries at a global level for free.

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Yes, for free. Yeral will not charge for his services. He will do it all for the glory of God.

Like we talked about in the hypothetical paragraph concerning the Apostle Paul; our ministry will help you contact a ministry in the country (most any country in the world) of your preference. We will help you set up meetings, speaking engagements and dates that you think will fit your schedule in that designated country. We take all the complications out of the difficulty of trying to set up any type of ministry itinerary in a country which you have no contacts in. You need to contact us at let us know what type of ministry you would like to connect with and the type of ministry you believe the Lord is leading you to participate in that country.  We will give you the peace of mind to know that when you touch down in your chosen country your arrangements will already be taken care of. All you need to do is show up and serve the Lord as he directs.

Finally, our ministry will even help you if you’re a part of a volunteer ministry that may want to go and serve on a foreign mission field to help build churches or engage in any other type of building projects. We can take care of those Christian connections for you as well. Lest’ get started!