Your church has a very special call and team to reaching the nations. Your leaders are ready to spread the Gospel. You have tried to connect with other churches in other countries to minister through and with them, but somehow, you have not been able to succeed.

Well, the Lord is opening this door for your church today through our ministry. If your church is ready to reach other nations and you still do not have the contact church for that specific country. You have come to the right place.

Assuming that your church wants to have contact with another church in another country, because you want to travel to this country and preach the gospel or just visit to see the needs, but you have no contact at all in that country. We will connect you with a Christian Church in that specific country.

If your call to action is some of the points below, then, you have no more excuse, the doors are open for you.

  • Preach the Gospel in another country
  • Visit the church or churches to know their needs and possibly work with them.
  • Develop social projects in poor areas.
  • Distribute free Gospel materials.
  • Perform an evangelists preaching crusade.
  • Set up School Seminary or Bible Schools.
  • Sponsor or assist another church


There are no limits for the things you can do when connecting your church or leaders with another Christian church around the globe. Pray and then have the Lord guide you in your quest.

Create your Church Profile by clicking the register link on the header. This is a FREE service. We just want to help you reach the nations.