Connecting Christians Globally

How could one person or group connect Christians globally? Connecting Christians in any type of Christian connection is hard enough. It is a complicated task to get Christians to connect locally in a church. Let alone connecting Christians in different countries internationally. Where would one start to begin even logistically to coordinate the Body of Christ around the world? We have found the answer by formulating

Yeral Ogando, has wrestled with these questions for a long time. He wondered how he could connect Christians from all walks of life to support one another in ministry around the world. He has been a Christian minister for years. Through his ministry contacts he has developed many connections in countries around the world. The Lord inspired his heart to start This is how we can connect Christians with other Christians to support each other in ministry on a global scale.

Yeral and his team have set up a centralized support team through the ministry of We are able to make that complicated Christian connection a reality. We will connect any ministry, church or individual Christian ministry with any other Christian ministry around the world. The logistical complications of this huge undertaking have been made available through the central support ministry team at

We have taken care of all the responsibilities for you. Once you or your ministry contacts us we will get the ball rolling. We will contact the other ministry of your choice in many countries around the world. We will share your vision with them and set up a meeting so the two ministries can communicate and get the project under way. We can connect you to a ministry in almost any country.

The great part about all this is that our ministry services are for free.

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Yes, we serve you and your ministry for free. All you have to do is contact us and tell us what your vision is. It doesn’t matter how big or small your ministry or project is. We will help you get established in another country.

Our ministry takes the “impossible” out of one Christian ministry trying to contact another Christian ministry on foreign soil. Where would that ministry begin to even try to connect with the right ministry in another country? The reality is that ministry wouldn’t know where to begin to make the initial breakthrough in that country when they have no contacts in that particular region.

We are one step ahead in this revolutionary process because we can set up any ministry anywhere in the world to fulfill their call in a particular country. We believe the Lord’s wisdom is directing our passion to unify the body of Christ and get the Gospel out to the four corners of the world. We really want to help ministries fulfill their God-given calls in these exciting but last days right before Jesus returns.  We want to hear the Lord say to you and your ministry “Well done thou good and faithful servant; enter the joy of your master. Together we will fulfill the great commission!