Connecting your Ministry Internationally

We can fulfill the Commission Jesus commanded you to finish! When we connect Christian ministries with other ministries hence you can preach the Gospel in the Dominican Republic. By setting up an avenue by which ministries and other ministries can be connected in the Dominican Republic. This is why Yeral Ogando birthed was created by Yeral Ogando to connect Christian ministries with other Gospel related ministries. A servant of the Lord may desire to serve in another country. But He has no way of starting a ministry in that country. Well, this is where comes in. has ministry contact resources globally. We can connect you as an individual to many ministries internationally.  

You are an individual who is looking to serve the Lord let’s say in foreign missions. Since, childhood God has placed a call on your heart to be a church planter in a foreign nation. He has specifically called you to the Dominican Republic to plant churches all over that region. But how do you get from the United States to the Dominican Republic? You don’t know anyone over there. It’s impossible for you to even know where to start the logistics to get from point A to point B. We will be glad to take you by the hand and lead you to right ministerial contacts in the Dominican Republic.

Our ministry head, Yeral Ogando, is a native of the Dominican Republic and he has all the connections you would ever require. Just visit the website at and contact us. We will set in motion the linking of one Christian ministry to another ministry. Tell us your vision, budget and the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit ministers in your service to the Lord. We would like to know how long you plan to stay in the Dominican Republic. Do you speak the language at any level?

If you are fluent in that language then we can connect you immediately to a ministry that can help you get started in church planting. We will contact that ministry for you and put you in communication with them. We will help you to share your goals and requirements with them. They in turn will communicate with us what they require for you to join their ministry. Or if you desire to branch out on your own we can assist there to.

We are able to connect your ministry with that type of ministry that can help you launch your own church planting ministry in the Dominican Republic. The ministry will communicate with you after the initial link we set up connect between your Christian ministry and their ministry.

Don’t worry we won’t leave you alone. We understand it is a big change to move from the United States to the Dominican Republic (even if it is only for a couple of weeks.) We will support your ministry the entire stay.

So remember, Yeral Ogando has started to help an individual’s Christian ministry to connect with another ministry in the Dominican Republic. We will set up the initial contact between the two ministries. We will be the mediator between the two ministries the entire time they work in conjunction with one another. We will communicate with the ministry from the United States and the ministry in the Dominican Republic. We will never leave the individual’s ministry alone. We know it is a significant change to move from one country to another. Contact us today.

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