Your ministry is special, you have a special call through your ministry and you have been ministering for years on the internet, your neighborhood, your country and regions. However, lately, you have been feeling the tug of the Spirit in your heart to expand to other nations.

You might find yourself having troubles communicating or finding other ministries, churches and leaders to support you in your chosen country, because you cannot simply connect with the correct leader. Well, that is no longer the case; we are here to connect you with the correct leader and / or ministry.

It does not matter the limitations or size of your ministry, what matters is the call from God to reach others in your unique style.

You might just want to hand out your books free, or flyers, tracts, or simply have people from that country read your articles online. Or maybe, you just want to train pastors and leaders, equip them with the tools to continue spreading the Gospel.

No matter your goal, you are a valuable servant with unique skills that can help others in less developed countries to reach other for Christ.

You want to expand your ministry by reaching other nations, but you have no representative or contact in that specific or several nations. We can help you reach other ministries in these countries. You want to distribute your Christian materials in some countries, but you do not have anyone to represent you or assist you with your material, we can help you out as well.

Create your Ministry Profile by clicking the register link on the header. This is a FREE service. We just want to help you reach the nations.